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      The Western Cape AgriStats provides aggregated summaries per Local Municipality of the 2013 Western Cape Agricultural Commodity and Infrastructure Census.

      The data that was collected during 2013 by means of aerial and vehicle survey, is presented in the following categories:

      • Agritourism
      • Crops
      • Crop Classes
      • Infrastructure
      • Livestock

      Viewing the map data

      • Select the Statistics tab
      • Select a Category: selecting a new category will change the options in the "Select Commodity" drop-down list
      • Select a Commodity: final step to activate the map data
      • Select Data Breaks: optional step to change the layer legend classes and data intervals

      Map Interaction
      Once a category and a commodity has been selected from the drop-down lists in the Statistics tab, the map data will automatically be displayed, along with the table of statistics on the left side of the page. The user can then click in the map on the Local Municipality of choice to show the detailed statistics for the selected Local Municipality. The statistics table also provides an interactive method to modify the municipality and commodity selections.


      Select Category

      Select Commodity

      Data Breaks


      Map Options


      Demarcation Layers

      Layer Opacity
      Export Map to JPEG


      The Western Cape Department of Agriculture prepared this data/information as accurately as possible. However, as this database contains data from various sources, its correctness cannot be guaranteed. Any person using this information will be doing so at own risk and the said organisation or any other party will under no circumstances be responsible for any loss suffered by any person/organisation using the information contained in this document.


      Mr Riaan Nowers


      (021) 808 5194

      Western Cape Government
      Department of Agriculture
      Muldersvlei Road, Elsenburg, 7607
      Tel: 021 808 5111
      Web: www.shbbh.cn

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